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The Mountain in Us We have a soul. It can be felt and experienced as a sturdy mountain, a flowing river, or a deep and wide ocean. It has perspective, a point of view, and a myriad of intuitive insights. It is our life force energy. It is the source of the beautiful smiles, exciting expressions and the storms of passion. It is the intensity in us. When we commit to be present with another human being, and allow ourselves to dance in the moment together, our life-energies merge. This is a moment of oneness of being, of intimacy and there are no distractions in this place. Within these moments there are many possibilities for the life-energies to produce growth, creativity, mutual understanding, resiliency, vulnerability and purposeful living.


When I experienced this for the first time, I could feel my blood flowing within my veins and arteries. I was flush with the wonder of my being, my essence, that is my soul. A whole new world opened up for me. Since then I have committed myself to learning, cultivating, and practicing methods to make this a continual part of my life, so that I can bring this knowledge and understanding to others. That was twenty years ago. Now I am ready to greet and invite you into deeper contact with yourself so that you can know yourself better and understand the value and power of your gifts and purpose. These kinds of experiences are expansive for artists, professionals, and practitioners of all disciplines. Morten Nygård presents the 9 LifeEnergies – the Art of Being Human



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